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Robert J. Devereaux Corporation is a full-service and fully qualified utility contractor that has been serving the Utilities in the New England area for over 45 years.

Our well trained professional staff provides an extensive range of services including initial communication with customers, scheduling and permitting, damage prevention and mark outs, installation of plastic and steel mains and services of all sizes and pressures, pipe-fitting and re-lights, both same-day and finish paving, and much more.

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Established in 1969, Robert J. Devereaux Corporation has continuously provided our customers with the highest level of service by investing in our employees. We have both indoor and outdoor training facilities that allow us to not only train year round, but offer our employees an opportunity to have real hands-on training in a field environment. We believe that by training and educating our staff we will be able to grow responsibly and remain committed to safety and compliance without affecting the quality of our product and service.

CANTON: Our indoor training space in Canton, MA is a 10,000sf warehouse that we have transformed into state of the art facility that includes a classroom space, a testing space equipped with computers and desk space for online and written testing, and a hands-on space for our employees to practice and perfect pipe joining and other hands-on tasks required to safely and properly perform their function. Since opening this location in 2012 we have been able to fully qualify more of our employees and raise the bar for service by providing superior crews to our customers.

SHREWSBURY: Our outdoor training facility in Shrewsbury, MA is a field-replica training center. Our success in Canton led us to the conclusion that we needed real jobsite-environment experience for our employees. With areas devoted to excavation, main connections, fusing, meter fits and shoring boxes/sheathing we have tried to replicate the field experience to train in a safe and controlled environment under the supervision of our full-time training staff.
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Robert J. Devereaux Corporation is always looking for people to join our team. We offer a competitive benefits package that includes Health, Dental, Vision, and Disability Insurance, and 401K.

We have job opportunities located all over Massachusetts. With positions open on the North Shore and in both Southern and Central Massachusetts, there are employment possibilities right in your backyard.
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